Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to the TO DO list at the start of a NEW YEAR!

To Do List

Every month, I will pick out AT LEAST 10 items from this list. This way, I should be able to finish this list in 6 months. Of course, after 6 months I will reevaluate it. But, the list has gotten shorter as I used to have 100 items on it. (I have made SOME progress, I guess! ha, ha!)

1. Finish cleaning garage
2. Pictures, refresh since divorce, one on wall especially
3. Finish cleaning bedroom closet-my side
4. Unfinished basement: Section 2--Baby Clothes, look for clothes for Katie. Put boxes away.
5. Unfinished basement: Section 4--Holiday
6. Unfinished basement: Section 5--Dresses, My Personal Items
7. Unfinished basement: Section 7--Paint, figure out how to dispose. Organize paint and brushes
8. Unfinished basement: Section 8--Garage sale stuff, figure out what to keep and get rid of
9. Unfinished basement: Section 9--Luggage and whatever else is left
10. Redo bedroom, just need to get new curtains and bedskirt
11. Redo Master bathroom, hire a painter (March or April), new towels
12. Organize desk downstairs
13. Clean out bills binders, cancel paper bills
14. Look at portfolios at ArtMart
15. Make a new portfolio
16. Go through art under bed
17. Look at jobs, keep Excel spreadsheet like I did in college
18. Dump out pots on deck
19. Clean siding
20. Make a blog book for the year 2009, buy 2 copies
21. Go through VHS tapes, give away ones that I'll never watch again. Order that holder to put ones in that I like.
22. Make a list/copy of everything in my wallet in case I were to lose it
23. Bring in hose holder, maybe throw out since it is broken? Make sure pipes are shut off.
24. Organize top kitchen drawers
25. Figure out new look for living room
26. Put all J/wedding stuff in a box.
27. Redecorate/tidy up Nathan's hutch
28. Dust blinds/clean windows
29. Finish baby books
30. Clean J's side of the closet
31. Figure out plan for garden area on right side of yard for next year
32. Go through dresser, clean out
33. Nathan and Autumn's cards and drawings, figure out where to put them
34. Schedule appt. for teeth to get estimate of cost.
35. Mint
36. Organize black journal that is downstairs
37. Remove stickers from Nathan's door
38. Update LinkedIn
39. Update my carriespear.com website
40. Nathan's wheel barrow
41. Party supply box
42. Clean up hair balls/carpet downstairs
43. Clean bathroom downstairs
44. Clean up litter downstairs
45. Organize and file mail away
46. Clean living room carpet (spot clean and carpet shampoo)
47. Clean rug in family room (spot clean and carpet shampoo)
48. See about getting couch covers for couches in family room
49. Change lightbulbs in Nathan's room
50. Change batteries on fire alarms
51. Clean floorboards
52. Autumn's closet clothes
53. Autumn's closet everything else
54. Nathan's closet clothes
55. Nathan's closet everything else
56. Autumn's drawers
57. Nathan's drawers
58. Unfinished basement: Section 6--Desk, figure out way to dispose
59. Fix nails on silver pods
60. Test water in front of house
61. Clean out car