Thursday, June 16, 2011

100 To Do's - Summer Edition

This is a blog for me to try to knock out a bunch of items that have been weighing on me (some for a long time, some for a short time) to get done.

Here is my master list. I am going to try to finish these items by September 1st. I am hoping then, in the fall, to compile a shorter list. Not sure how many items will be on the Fall list yet. :o) We will see how well I do this summer, first!

Carrie's List of 100 Things to Finish this Summer :o)-

1. Medicine Cabinet
2. Linen Closet
3. Under sink (Master Bathroom)
4. Wood in Garage
5. Wood outside
6. Finish cleaning garage
7. Pictures, refresh since divorce, one on wall especially
8. Finish cleaning Master bedroom closet
9. My nightstand, clean out
10. My NICE jewelry box
11. Go through Nathan's nightstand for my things
12. Autumn's clothes in her closet
13. Figure out way to get smell out of corner in carpet in LR
14. Fix dishwasher rust
15. Burn photos on DVD that are on my desktop
16. Clean up my desktop on my laptop
17. Clean up my Yahoo! Mail folders
18. Finish vacuuming and carpet shampooing downstairs
19. Unfinished basement: Section 1--Litterbox area and washer/dryer, laundry table
20. Unfinished basement: Section 2--Baby Clothes
21. Unfinished basement: Section 3--Gift bags/wrapping paper
22. Unfinished basement: Section 4--Holiday
23. Unfinished basement: Section 5--Dresses, My Personal Items
24. Unfinished basement: Section 6--Desk, figure out way to dispose
25. Unfinished basement: Section 7--Paint, figure out how to dispose. Organize paint and brushes
26. Unfinished basement: Section 8--Garage sale stuff, figure out what to keep and get rid of
27. Unfinished basement: Section 9--Luggage and whatever else is left
28. Unfinished basement: Section 10--Think of shelves
29. Craigs List!!!!
30. Dust top of kitchen cabinets
31. Redo bedroom
32. Redo Master bathroom
33. Clean basement bathroom
34. Clean basement windows and wash curtains
35. Organize desk downstairs
36. Organize book shelf downstairs
37. Bike rack for Nathan's bike for garage
38. Clean/Vacuum Car out
39. Clean out bills binders, cancel paper bills
40. Buy a portfolio at ArtMart
41. Go through art under bed
42. Make a new portfolio
43. Look at jobs, keep Excel spreadsheet like I did in college
44. Update resume
45. Organize bath toys
46. Get up on my doctor appts.
47. Plant flowers by mailbox
48. Trim roses
49. Clean up around trees
50. Storage ben for outside toys
51. Take off silver pods and buy insect repellent
52. Clean siding
53. Find out if I need land line for Alarm
54. Cancel Uverse if I can (tv) - Call in August
55. Give my passwords/bank accts. to Mom and Jeff.
56. Make a blog book for the year 2009, buy 2 copies
57. Clean cat food area, put bag up
58. Get rid of bottles, try to move Nathan to big boy cups
59. Go through VHS tapes, give away ones that I'll never watch again. Ones I like figure out where to put them
60. Craigslist my Coach purses
61. Go through my pants drawers
62. Copy everything in my wallet in case I were to lose it
63. Separate my summer from my winter clothes
64. Buy a new hose holder
65. Test water in front of house
66. Box up J's shot glasses
67. Trade in my engagement ring
68. Start using Google calendar
69. Go through my shoe boxes, get rid of shoes I haven't worn in ages
70. Make sand art with kids, if I still have instructions
71. Go through children's books, get rid of ones I don't like. Set up a schedule to read ones I like, like we do with library books
72. Get some new dish towels, and table mats
73. Organize top kitchen drawers
74. Figure out new look for living room
75. Buy hanger for Autumn's bows
76. Clean out Autumn's chest of drawers
77. Go through all of Autumn's toys in her baskets and bottom drawer
78. Clean Nathan's closet, put stuff in his chest of drawers
79. Move Nathan's summer clothes down, winter up
80. Put all J/wedding stuff in a box.
81. Redecorate Nathan's hutch
82. Dust blinds/clean windows
83. Finish kids baby books
84. Clean out coffee table
85. Organize divorce papers
86. Clean J's side of the closet
87. Sign up for a 5K and 10K
88. Figure out plan for garden area on right side of yard
89. Put Brat's rock somewhere in garden or by tree, plant something in memory
90. Go through dresser, clean out
91. Trim tulip tree
92. Put mail away and any loose papers away, have a schedule of when you file it away
93. Nathan and Autumn's cards and drawings, figure out where to put them
94. Schedule appt. for teeth/lgs to get estimate of cost. Try to target a date on when you will do this.
95. Think of a schedule for house repairs/updates, and how much I should save a year
96. Look at bills, figure out what I can cut. Add in property tax per month. Figure out total for tuition each month starting in fall.
97. Mint and Turbotax.
98. See if there is a way to make mornings easier
99. Figure out work out schedule, including weights and yoga. Look into Zumba class or fun classes to take once in awhile.
Notes: Signed up for Zumba class, after that will decide how to work in weights.
100. Go through Kraft recipe magazines and pull out recipes I like and add to .txt file. Recycle magazines.